The origins of tea dates back almost 5000 years when Chinese Emperor Shen Nung made a serendipitous discovery of tea when tea leaves blew into his cup of boiling water. Ever since , tea has been a respite for all. It’s the warmth you need on a cold winter night that jostles you with memories abound. It’s that fresh aroma from a steaming hot cup of tea that hits you in a way no drink can.

Immunity Booster Tea


Our Immunity Booster Tea is a blend that aims to fortify our immunity and make it adept to fight infections.

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The appearance of a pandemic that sent us scampering into our houses has forced us to rethink everything, right from our lifestyles to our general outlook towards life. The foremost thing that we generally tend to overlook in an apparent state of normalcy is our immunity, which is precisely what the COVID-19 pandemic has put to test. In the absence of a vaccine, our immunity is the only shield that can protect us from the possibly fatal virus or even other diseases, for that matter, a fact Tea Aroma understands and tries to incorporate in most of its tea blends.

Our Immunity Booster Tea is a blend that aims to fortify our immunity and make it adept to fight infections. Of course, tea blends are no vaccines that can cure you overnight or render you immune to a certain disease. Their consumption will gradually but steadily help you build better immunity that will serve as a natural defense against diseases and infections. Much like our other blends, the Immunity Booster Tea encompasses a volume of research facilitated by our proficient team who fed off of the studies conducted by the Ministry of AYUSH.

Our research highlighted the need of our body for natural multivitamins. Therefore, in this blend we have handpicked ingredients that are rich in not only multi-vitamins but are proven immune boosters, like Ashwagandha, Giloy and Echinacea. The myriad benefits of Ashwagandha, apart from boosting immunity, include stress alleviation, maintaining blood sugar levels, treating diabetes, constipation, depression and even snake bites! Giloy is a powerful root that is used for treating chronic fever, diabetes, arthritis, respiratory problems, and even improves digestion. Loaded with antioxidants, Echinacea boasts of anti-inflammatory properties, helps treat various skin concerns, like acne and may even keep cancer at bay.

The inclusion of Turmeric and Tulsi brings in Vitamin D into the blend, apart from their other benefits that every Indian household is aware of. Orange, Amla and Thyme lend Vitamin C to our Immunity Booster Tea and Moringa is rich in Vitamin B. Apart from Ashwagandha, Echinacea and Giloy, Cinnamon, Mint, Ginger & Black Pepper are also known to give your natural defense mechanism a boost.

Needless to say, this blend spells all things good for your health and its regular consumption will speak for itself.

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