Nettle Tea


50 gms



The world has recently discovered benefits of nettle leaves which our ancestors were using for ages. We have selected our nettle leaves from exclusive regions in Himalayas where these are grown organically, thus ensuring fresh produce and optimum harvest quality. To ensure you get maximum benefits, we follow an additional process of removing roots and stems, under supervision of our quality team and provide you with only Nettle leaves that are a powerhouse of nutrition. Nettle leaves are extremely beneficial for human body. It is a boon for maintaining functionality of kidneys and reduces chances of contracting urinary tract infection. While it aids in reducing joint pain, it also purifies blood and flushes out toxins from body. Being a rich source of various vitamins and minerals like Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Boron and many more, it also gives you flawless skin.


  1. Helps in cleansing of Kidney – Act as kidney detox
  2. Immunity Booster 0 Nettle is extremely rich in Vit A,C,B,K & all essential minerals like Fe,Ca,P etc
  3. Act as a strong detox tea – helps in flushing out the toxins
  4. Must take during PMS – It helps in reducing the PMS symptoms by increasing the ability of liver to absorb estrogen more effectively to avoid mood swings, pain.
  5. It helps in easing out Joint pain.

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