The origins of tea dates back almost 5000 years when Chinese Emperor Shen Nung made a serendipitous discovery of tea when tea leaves blew into his cup of boiling water. Ever since , tea has been a respite for all. It’s the warmth you need on a cold winter night that jostles you with memories abound. It’s that fresh aroma from a steaming hot cup of tea that hits you in a way no drink can.

Rose Tea




Rose, is the oldest flower mentioned in our Ayurveda for Skin & hair. This tea is caffeine free with exquisite flowers from Valley of Kashmir which are having highest aroma & flavor amongst the rose found in our country. The health benefits of this tea are numerous, including detoxification of bladder and kidneys which further helps in maintaining urinary tract health. Taken after a heavy meal at the end of the day, it helps in digestion and relieving the day stress. This tea is highly recommended for flawless skin & hair, antioxidant properties of Rose helps to strengthen skin cells & regenerate skin tissues. Rose tea is pure extraction of roses which can be used for drinking, applying over face & scalp as well.

Ingredients: Organic Rose flower

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