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An exquisite tea handcrafted by our master blenders, the Valley of Flowers is a powerful evening tea that helps re-energize you with the aromatic and therapeutic qualities of flowers. Rich in antioxidants, this tea is a perfect way to perk up your spirits as daylight retreats into the night. A calming brew, it has the added benefit of keeping you physically healthy too.

Health Gems: Revitalizing and energizing cup of herbal mix enriched with the goodness of antioxidants provides you with the freshness to march towards the dusk of the night!

Key Ingredients: Hibiscus, Chamomile, Marigold, Orange Peel, Licorice, Lemongrass, Rose Petals, Blue Corn Flower, Jasmine, Peppermint & Lavender.

How to use


1. What is the benefit of 5 pm tea?
5 pm tea is called a valley of flowers since it is a blend of 8 kinds of flowers. The aromatic and therapeutic qualities of flowers help to recharge your brain and body after your tiring day in work, home or college. It also eliminates acid reflux and improves heart health.

2. Are your teas caffeine-free?
Yes, all our habit teas are caffeine-free. So, you can consume it without disturbing your nervous system. Our caffeine-free tea avoids irregular heartbeat, anxiety and adrenal fatigue.
3. Is it safe for kids?
Yes, children above 8 years can drink these teas. Your child will enjoy the warm and comforting effects of our herbal teas. Kindly check with the doctors if the kid has an allergy with the herbs or flowers used in the tea.
4. Should we take it empty stomach or after our breakfast?
We recommend having our tea empty stomach since it flushes out the toxins from an empty stomach. Tea after food also helps in digestion and activates your metabolism to break down the food.

5. Are your teas Gluten-free?
Yes, all our teas are gluten-free and with the highest quality ingredients. Gluten- sensitive tea drinkers can rest easy and taste our wide product of teas.
6. How many Teabags are in a single pack?       
One pack contains 21 teabags which are designed to develop a healthy habit and happy living.
7. Do you add any flavors or natural oils in your teas?
No, we don’t add any flavors, color & oil in our teas unlike many popular tea brands get away with using the ingredient “natural flavors” to trick the consumer. We use pure natural extracts in our teas.

4 reviews for 5 PM Tea – Recharge & Refresh

  1. Rahul

    It helped me feel more energised in-between work hours

  2. Rajesh

    relacing and energizing

  3. Shubh aggarwal

    love it

  4. Renu

    A new concept of 5 pm tea but it helped me to relax my mind after all the stressful day

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